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Directory: /archive/ColecoVision/Cartridges/1996-202x - Homebrew

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Name Size
Parent Folder -
2K Pong (2022) (Captain Cosmos).rom 2kb
421 (2002) (Mathieu Proulx).rom 25kb
Aerial (2022) (Inufuto).rom 10kb
Amazing Snake (2001) (Serge-Eric Tremblay).rom 31kb
AntiISDA Warrior (2004) (Ventzislav Tzvetkov) [a1].rom 8kb
AntiISDA Warrior (2004) (Ventzislav Tzvetkov).rom 8kb
Arno Dash (2021) (Under4MHz).rom 32kb
Ascend (2022) (Inufuto).rom 9kb
Astrostorm - Release Candidate 3 (2022) (Analog Kid).rom 23kb
BUsTin-Out Vol. 0 (2000) (NewColeco).rom 32kb
BUsTin-Out Vol. 1 (2000) (NewColeco).rom 32kb
BUsTin-Out Vol. 2 (2000) (NewColeco).rom 31kb
BUsTin-Out Vol. 3 (2000) (NewColeco).rom 32kb
BUsTin-Out v0.5 (2000) (Daniel Bienvenu-NewColeco) (Demo).rom 31kb
Bank Panic (2011) (Team PixxelBoy).rom 32kb
Battlot (2022) (Inufuto).rom 9kb
Bejeweled (2002) (NewColeco) [a1].rom 24kb
Bejeweled (2002) (NewColeco).rom 25kb
Beyond Terra (2009) (Scott Huggins) (Demo).rom 13kb
BitCoin Miner (2021) (8 Bit Milli).rom 32kb
Black Onyx, The (2013) (Team PixelBoy) (SaveRAM).rom 64kb
Booming Boy (2019) (Team Pixxlboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Bootskell (2022) (Inufuto).rom 9kb
Boxxle (2015) (Team Pixelboy) (SaveRAM).rom 64kb
Breakout (1999) (NewColeco).rom 13kb
Breakout - Paddle Version (2001) (NewColeco).rom 9kb
Buck Rogers - Super Game (2013) (Team PixelBoy) (SGM).rom 256kb
C-So! (2017) (Team Pixelboy).rom 31kb
Cacorm (2022) (Inufuto).rom 8kb
Canadian Mini-Games Compilation (2008) (Bearded Men).rom 32kb
Caos Begins (2015) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Caverns of Titan (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Cavit (2022) (Inufuto).rom 9kb
Champion Pro Wrestling (2017) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Chateau du Dragon, Le (2001) (NewColeco) (Demo).rom 8kb
Children of the Night (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Circus Charlie (2011) (Team PixelBoy).rom 32kb
Cold Blood (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Cookie Monster Munch (2017) (Kiwi).rom 27kb
Cosmo Challenge (1997) (Red Bullet Software).rom 21kb
Cosmo Fighter 2 (1997) (Red Bullet Software) [a1].rom 16kb
Cosmo Fighter 2 (1997) (Red Bullet Software).rom 32kb
Cosmo Fighter 3 (2001) (Red Bullet Software) [a1].rom 30kb
Cosmo Fighter 3 (2001) (Red Bullet Software) [a2].rom 31kb
Cosmo Fighter 3 (2002) (Red Bullet Software).rom 32kb
Cosmo Trainer (1997) (Red Bullet Software).rom 20kb
Crazy Climber Redux (2021) (8Bit Milli Games).rom 32kb
Cross Chase (2022) (Fabrizio Caruso).rom 32kb
Cross Horde v1.0 (2022) (Fabrizio Caruso).rom 32kb
Cybor War - Beta 2 (2020) (AnalogKid).rom 24kb
D.P.'s Valentines Game (2002) (NewColeco) [a1].rom 13kb
D.P.'s Valentines Game (2002) (NewColeco).rom 13kb
D.P.'s Valentines Game (No Alien Head) (2002) (NewColeco).rom 9kb
DacMan (2000) (NewColeco).rom 32kb
Danger Tower (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Deep Dungeon Adventure (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Deep Space Swarm - Demo (2021) (AnalogKid).rom 26kb
Defender (1983) (AtariSoft) (PAL and ADAM Patched).rom 24kb
Deflektor Kollection (2005) (NewColeco).rom 31kb
Destructor S.C.E. (2010) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Diamond Dash (2003) (NewColeco) [a1].rom 3kb
Diamond Dash (2004) (NewColeco).rom 8kb
Diamond Dash (2011) (NewColeco).rom 3kb
Double Breakout - Paddle Version (2001) (NewColeco) [a1].rom 32kb
Double Breakout - Paddle Version (2003) (NewColeco) [a1].rom 30kb
Double Breakout - Paddle Version (2003) (NewColeco).rom 32kb
Dragon's Lair (2012) (Team PixelBoy) (SGM).rom 256kb
Easter Bunny (2007) (NewColeco).rom 5kb
Explosion (2003) (NewColeco).rom 5kb
Flicky (2017) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Flora and the Ghost Mirror (2013) (NewColeco).rom 32kb
Frantic (2008) (Scott Huggins) (Demo) [a1].rom 31kb
Frantic (2008) (Scott Huggins) (Demo).rom 31kb
Frog Feast (2007) (Mark2008).rom 21kb
Frog Magi (200x) (Dale Wick).rom 6kb
FrontLine S.C.E. (2015) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Frostbite (2017) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
GP World (2021) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
GamePack - Vic-20 (2003) (NewColeco).rom 8kb
GamePack I (2002) (NewColeco) [a1].rom 32kb
GamePack I (2002) (NewColeco) [a2].rom 16kb
GamePack I (2002) (NewColeco).rom 32kb
GamePack II (2004) (NewColeco) [a1].rom 16kb
GamePack II (2004) (NewColeco) [a2].rom 16kb
GamePack II (2004) (NewColeco).rom 31kb
Gauntlet (2019) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 256kb
Gerbils (2021) (Under4MHz).rom 32kb
Get Booty - 4k (2005) (Dale Wick).rom 2kb
GhostBlaster (2009) (NewColeco).rom 31kb
GhostBlaster (2010) (NewColeco) (Rev. A NTSC).rom 31kb
GhostBlaster (2010) (NewColeco) (Rev. B PAL #01).rom 31kb
GhostBlaster (2010) (NewColeco) (Rev. B PAL #02).rom 31kb
Girl's Garden (2010) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Golgo 13 (2011) (Team PixelBoy).rom 32kb
Goonies, The (2014) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Gulkave (2010) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Hamster with Wire (2022) (Nicolas Campion).rom 27kb
Heroes Arena (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Hustle (200x) (Unknown).rom 3kb
Impetus (2022) (Inufuto).rom 15kb
Insane Pickin' Sticks VIII (2010) (NewColeco).rom 30kb
J.E.T.P.A.C. (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Jeepers Creepers (2007) (NewColeco).rom 31kb
Jeepers Creepers - 30th Anniversary (2012) (NewColeco).rom 32kb
Jet Pack! (2014) (Harvey deKleine).rom 32kb
Joust (2014) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Jump or Die (2006) (NewColeco).rom 2kb
Kaboom (2017) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Karateka (2021) (Nanochess).rom 1kb
Karateka 2 (2021) (Nanochess).rom 32kb
Kevtris (1996) (Kevin Horton) [a1].rom 16kb
Kevtris (1996) (Kevin Horton).rom 16kb
Kill Barney in Tokyo (1997) (NewColeco).rom 9kb
Killer Instinct (1997) (NewColeco).rom 9kb
King & Balloon (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
King's Valley (2012) (Team PixelBoy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Klondike (2021) (Under4MHz).rom 32kb
Knight Lore (2015) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Knightmare (2015) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Konami's Ping Pong (2011) (Team PixelBoy).rom 32kb
Kralizec Tetris (2017) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Lift (2022) (Inufuto).rom 7kb
Lode Runner (2002) (Steve Begin).rom 32kb
Magical Tree (2005) (Opcode Games) [a1].rom 32kb
Magical Tree (2005) (Opcode Games).rom 32kb
Mahjong (2021) (Under4MHz).rom 32kb
Maid of the Mist (2007) (Dale Wick) [a1].rom 3kb
Maid of the Mist (2007) (Dale Wick).rom 3kb
Majikazo (2016) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Mappy (2015) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Maze Maniac (2005) (Charles-Mathieu Boyer) [a1].rom 32kb
Maze Maniac (2006) (Charles-Mathieu Boyer).rom 31kb
MazezaM (200x) (Ventzislav Tzvetkov) [a1].rom 16kb
MazezaM (200x) (Ventzislav Tzvetkov).rom 8kb
Mazy (2022) (Inufuto).rom 6kb
Mecha-8 (2013) (Team PixelBoy) (SGM Enhanced).rom 128kb
Mecha-9 (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM Enh.).rom 256kb
Mighty Mitchell Award, The - ADAMcon 25 (2013) (Dr. D).rom 32kb
Mikie (2021) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Minesweeper (2021) (Under4MHz).rom 13kb
Missile Strike (BETA 2021-05-15) (AnalogKid).rom 26kb
Module Man (2013) (Team PixelBoy).rom 32kb
Monaco GP (2021) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Mopiranger (2012) (Team PixelBoy).rom 32kb
Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride (2004) (Steve Begin) (Demo).rom 14kb
Ms. Space Fury (2001) (Digital Press) [b1].rom 31kb
Ms. Space Fury (2001) (Digital Press).rom 32kb
N-Sub (2021) (Team Pixelboy).rom 16kb
Neuras (2022) (Inufuto).rom 8kb
Nim (2000) (NewColeco).rom 6kb
Ninja Princess (2011) (Team PixelBoy).rom 32kb
Operation Wolf (2015) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Pac-Man Collection (2008) (Opcode Games).rom 128kb
Pacar (2010) (Steve Begin).rom 9kb
Pacar (2018) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Peek-A-Boo (2010) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Pegged (2021) (Under4MHz).rom 32kb
Pillars (2021) (Under4MHz).rom 32kb
Pitfall II - Arcade (2010) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Pitman (2021) (Under4MHz).rom 32kb
Plants vs. Zombies (2020) (Kiwi).rom 26kb
Pong (2007) (Alfonso D.C.).rom 8kb
Princess Quest (2012) (Team PixelBoy).rom 256kb
Purple Dinosaur Massacre (1996) (John Dondzila).rom 9kb
QBIQS (2019) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Quest for the Golden Chalice (2012) (Team PixelBoy).rom 32kb
Rally-X (2016) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Recon Rescue (2021) (Nicam Shilova).rom 17kb
Remember the Flag (2017) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Reversi & Diamond Dash (2004) (NewColeco).rom 28kb
Reversi (2001) (NewColeco).rom 22kb
Road Fighter (2007) (Opcode Games).rom 32kb
Ruptus (2022) (Inufuto).rom 12kb
Santa Must Save X-mas (2011) (bfg.gamepassion).rom 9kb
Santa's Gift Run (2004) (Dale Wick).rom 10kb
Secret of the Moai (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Sega Flipper (2021) (Team Pixelboy).rom 16kb
Shmup! (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Shouganai (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Sindibad Mystery (2021) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Sir Ababol - WIP 200415B91 (2020) (AlekMaul).rom 31kb
Sky Jaguar (2004) (Opcode Games) [a1].rom 32kb
Sky Jaguar (2004) (Opcode Games) [a2].rom 32kb
Sky Jaguar (2004) (Opcode Games) [a3].rom 32kb
Sky Jaguar (2004) (Opcode Games).rom 32kb
Smash (2004) (NewColeco).rom 8kb
Snake (2021) (Under4MHz).rom 13kb
Space Hunter (2005) (Guy Foster).rom 4kb
Space Invaders Collection (2002) (Opcode Games) [a1].rom 32kb
Space Invaders Collection (2003) (Opcode Games).rom 32kb
Space Invasion (1998) (John Dondzila).rom 16kb
Space Trainer (2005) (NewColeco) [a1].rom 4kb
Space Trainer (2005) (NewColeco).rom 4kb
Spaz Attak - v07 (2009) (Howard Uman) (Demo).rom 9kb
Spelunker (2015) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 128kb
SpinBall (2020) (Nicam Shilova).rom 16kb
Squares! (2007) (Harvey deKleine).rom 16kb
Star Force (2011) (Team PixelBoy).rom 32kb
Star Force (2011) (Team Pixelboy) (Patched for Phoenix).rom 32kb
Star Fortress (1997) (John Dondzila).rom 16kb
Star Jacker (2021) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Stone of Wisdom, The (2015) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Stray Cat (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Strip Poker (2014) (NewColeco).rom 32kb
SubRoc - Super Game (2014) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Sudoku (2017) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Sudoku - v02 (2008) (Pixelboy) (Demo).rom 10kb
Super Action Soccer (2012) (Team PixelBoy).rom 32kb
Super Pac-Man (2016) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Terra Attack (2007) (Scott Huggins) [a1].rom 32kb
Terra Attack (2007) (Scott Huggins) [a2].rom 31kb
Terra Attack (2007) (Scott Huggins).rom 32kb
Text Adventure - Part 1 (2015) (Kiwi).rom 31kb
Text Adventure - Part 1 (Cheat to ending).rom 31kb
Thexder (2012) (TeamPixelBoy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Tic-Tac-Toe (1996) (Norman Nithman) [a1].rom 3kb
Tic-Tac-Toe (1996) (Norman Nithman).rom 3kb
Track & Field (2010) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Traffic Jam (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
TuneLayer (2002) (NewColeco).rom 8kb
Turmoil 2022 (2021) (8Bit Milli Games).rom 32kb
TwinBee (2014) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Txupinazo! (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 32kb
Uridium (2019) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Vexed (2021) (Under4MHz).rom 32kb
Warm Fuzzy - Quest for Salad (2005) (Dale Wick).rom 11kb
Wizard of Wor (2017) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 512kb
Wizard of Wor - for Phoenix (2020) (Team Pixelboy) (SGM).rom 512kb
Wonder Boy (2012) (Team PixelBoy).rom 32kb
Wrong Way! (200x) (Unknown).rom 7kb
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (2005) (Opcode Games).rom 32kb
Zaxxon II (2021) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
Zaxxon Super Game (2012) (Team PixelBoy) (SGM).rom 128kb
Zombie Calavera Prologue (2021) (Nanochess).rom 32kb
Zombie Near - Enhanced (2020) (Nanochess).rom 128kb
Zoom 909 (2021) (Team Pixelboy).rom 32kb
z80rogue (2019) (Nanochess).rom 8kb