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Coleco TIA Schematic.pdf 324kb
Coleco TIA.pdf 5832kb
ColecoVision Coding Guide.pdf 721kb
ColecoVision Homebrew Kit by Phillipp Klaus Krause.pdf 215kb
ColecoVision Repair Technical 33171kb
ColecoVision Sound Generation Hardware.pdf 10kb
Exp. Mod. #1 - Atari 2600 Adapter Tech Guide Rev. 3073kb
Exp. Mod. #2 - Driving Controller Tech Guide Rev. 1346kb
Frob-Coleco User's Manual, The - Appendix D.pdf 5087kb
Frob-Coleco User's Manual, The.pdf 5340kb
How to Make Your Own Coleco Carts (1985) (Jeff Frohwein).zip 35kb
T.I. Video Display Processors Programmer's 12865kb
Texas Instruments SN76489 - Sound Chip (198x) (T.I.).pdf 336kb
Texas Instruments TMS9918.a - Video Display Processor (1982) (T.I.).pdf 2817kb

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