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Name Size
Parent Folder -
Coleco TIA Schematic.pdf 324kb
Coleco TIA.pdf 5832kb
ColecoVision Coding Guide.pdf 721kb
ColecoVision Homebrew Kit by Phillipp Klaus Krause.pdf 215kb
ColecoVision Repair Technical Manual.zip 33171kb
ColecoVision Sound Generation Hardware.pdf 10kb
Exp. Mod. #1 - Atari 2600 Adapter Tech Guide Rev. #8.zip 3073kb
Exp. Mod. #2 - Driving Controller Tech Guide Rev. #x.zip 1346kb
Frob-Coleco User's Manual, The - Appendix D.pdf 5087kb
Frob-Coleco User's Manual, The.pdf 5340kb
How to Make Your Own Coleco Carts (1985) (Jeff Frohwein).zip 35kb
T.I. Video Display Processors Programmer's Guide.zip 12865kb
Texas Instruments SN76489 - Sound Chip (198x) (T.I.).pdf 336kb
Texas Instruments TMS9918.a - Video Display Processor (1982) (T.I.).pdf 2817kb

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