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To those who can serve the Coleco Adam Community for FujiNet Hardware:

Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2022 7:14 pm
by tschak909
The FujiNet for Coleco Adam is considered to be in a useful state at the moment.

While I am still working on different parts of the firmware, as well as functionality (e.g. printer, and serial terminal), it is already useful in its present state, and any new features can be downloaded with a firmware update at any moment. It is also possible to set up a development environment to not only hack on the firmware, but to try out new features, before they are released as builds.

Some of you have been contacting me directly asking to buy the units. While Mozzwald does build runs of units to cover development costs, we do not constantly build or keep them in stock. Instead, we've decided to allow anyone to build them for their respective communities, especially since we do not charge for any sort of license, or have exclusivity agreements of any kind.

If you want to build a FujiNet, the hardware schematic is here: ... ematic.jpg

and the firmware is here:

I hope that a few hardware minded individuals do step up so that demand for the Adam FujiNet can be met, now, and from now on.