[fujinet] Patching AuxWrite in CP/M BIOS.

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[fujinet] Patching AuxWrite in CP/M BIOS.

Post by tschak909 » Sat Feb 19, 2022 8:07 pm

Right now, the only thing keeping the AdamNet Serial routines in the BIOS really slow is literally the fact that it sends one character at a time, per packet, and does status calls in between each one, which is ridiculously inefficient.

I have added WebSockets server functionality to FujiNet, and have wired up an Xterm.js that is placed on the FujiNet flash. This provides a free 80 column VT-100 terminal for every single FujiNet user, and this is wired up to the AdamNet serial device.

If we can make AuxWrite (and AuxRead, and AuxStatus) be able to handle blocks of the maximum packet size (16 bytes) the resulting speed increases dtramatically, but I am really stretched thin trying to get Adam sewn up, while also helping with the Apple2 bring-up in parallel.

Anyone want to take a crack @ it ?

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