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8 Bit Milli - ADAMouse I Adapter.pdf 1179kb
B.A.S.I.C. - SI1A-B & EVE SP-1 Serial Cable Pinout.pdf 117kb
Chart - ADAM AY-Sound Interface.zip 1252kb
Chris Tersteeg - Coleco ADAM ADE Pro-Embed-Shield-main.zip 31494kb
Eric Pearson - ADAM-Speech-Synthesizer-main (03-31-2023).zip 909kb
Eric Pearson - Coleco ADAM SD-DDP-master v1.5-v1.8 - 03-09-2022.zip 3746kb
Eric Pearson - Dual Serial Interface Card DS232-main - 11-23-2020.zip 374kb
Eric Pearson - Dynomite-II-main (02-07-2023).zip 7411kb
Eric Pearson - MIB238 v4 - v5 - v7 WiFi main - 08-26-2021.zip 4141kb
Eric Pearson - Midi-Mite-II-main - 11-21-2022.zip 17535kb
Eric Pearson - Zimodem-master for MIB239 v7 WiFi - 08-31-2021.zip 432kb
John Lundy - ADAM SmartBASIC Selectable Dual Cart.zip 2655kb
John Lundy - ADE PRO SWAP BUTTON ADD-ON - RevA.pdf 212kb
John Lundy - ADE Pro Shield Build.zip 6922kb
John Lundy - AtariMax Ultimate SD Cart - ADAM Workaround.zip 101kb
John Lundy - Coleco-ADAM USB Mouse-Gamepad = Firmware v1.04 (10-13-2023).zip 62kb
John Lundy - Coleco-ADAM-USB-Mouse-UNO-Shield-main.zip 6787kb
John Lundy - Coleco-ADAM-USB-Mouse-main v1.01 - 03-31-2021.zip 609kb
John Lundy - DB-9_Controller_Splitter_Howto.pdf 4799kb
John Lundy - LE DB9 Connector Tabs.zip 24kb
John Lundy - MEGACOPY III.zip 7719kb
John Lundy - MIB238 JL-MIB238-01 RevA Technical Service Bulletin #01.pdf 1158kb
John Lundy - MIB238 Technical Service Bulletin #02.pdf 157kb
Micro Innovations - 1Mb Memory Expander.zip 278kb
Micro Innovations - 1Mb and 2Mb Memory Expander.zip 583kb
Micro Innovations - 64K to 256K Memory Expander.zip 1474kb
Micro Innovations - ADAMnet 5.25 & 3.5 DD-HD Disk Drives.zip 4500kb
Micro Innovations - ADAMnet 5.25 & 3.5 DS-DD Disk Drives.zip 4195kb
Micro Innovations - ADAMnet Hard Drive Interface Card.zip 5256kb
Micro Innovations - Dual Serial Interface Card.zip 834kb
Micro Innovations - IDE Interface Card.zip 6603kb
Micro Innovations - Multi-Purpose Interface Board 2.zip 1563kb
Micro Innovations - Multi-Purpose Interface Board 3.zip 2338kb
Micro Innovations - Parallel Printer Interface Card.zip 1094kb
Micro Innovations - PowerMATE 4 Hard Disk Drive Subsystem & Interface Card.zip 14729kb
Micro Innovations - PowerMATE Hard Disk Drive & Interface Card.zip 2110kb
Sean Myers - ADE-Commander-master v0.11.zip 20kb
Sean Myers - AdamNet-Drive-Emulator-master-0.1.zip 164kb
Sean Myers - AdamNet-Drive-Emulator-master-0.2.zip 166kb
Sean Myers - AdamNet-Drive-Emulator-master-0.3.zip 165kb
Sean Myers - AdamNet-Drive-Emulator-master-0.4.zip 211kb
Sean Myers - AdamNet-Drive-Emulator-master-0.5.zip 146kb
Sean Myers - AdamNet-Drive-Emulator-master-0.6.zip 146kb
Sean Myers - AdamNet-Drive-Emulator-master-0.73.zip 351kb
Sean Myers - AdamNet-Drive-Emulator-master-0.80.zip 901kb
Sean Myers - AdamNet-Drive-Emulator-master-0.83.zip 903kb
Sean Myers - AdamNet-Drive-Emulator-master-0.90.zip 893kb
Sean Myers - AdamNet-Drive-Emulator-master-0.91.zip 894kb
Sean Myers - XLoader v1.0 (Geir Lunde) for ADE.zip 678kb
Unknown - Famicom Cart Shell 3D Printer File for CV & ADAM Expansion Interfaces - N8FCplateFinal.zip 15kb